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Sweat and smile with Coach Cle at Southwest Plaza’s exclusive fitness class! Open to all, this dynamic session aims to boost your fitness and community spirit. Sponsored by Southwest Plaza, let’s connect through health and wellness.

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Discover the exceptional atmosphere of Southwest Plaza, your top-tier shopping destination blending retail therapy with unparalleled variety. Explore a range of diverse stores showcasing the latest in fashion, tech gadgets, and lifestyle essentials, making Southwest Plaza your ultimate hub for an elevated shopping experience.

Sweets & Treats

Indulge your sweet tooth at Southwest Plaza’s Dairy Queen location, where a delightful array of treats and desserts awaits to satisfy every sugar craving.


Nurture your well-being at Southwest Plaza’s health , where expert services and wellness offerings cater to your holistic health needs.


Savor the culinary delights at Southwest Plaza’s dining haven, where a diverse array of restaurants and cafes promise a delectable journey for every palate.

Your One-Stop Shop for Beauty, Wellness, and Retail Wonders!

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